2 thoughts on “The High-Fiver: SNL Alum Movies

  1. Vacation
    Life Aquatic
    Planes Trains and Automobiles
    Ghost Busters
    Princess Bride
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Coming To America
    Caddy shack
    Tommy Boy
    Stranger Then Fiction
    Punch Drunk Love

  2. This was of course one of those topics with more than 5 good answers, so we’ll all bicker over what was left off. I think one thing that guided me is the notion of wanting to pick movies by actors who are still primarily known as “SNL guys” (i.e., our first mental association we have with their name is the fact that they were on SNL, not their later movie career). In that sense, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase had such successful careers that they sort of put themselves above the focus of this list (in my mind, at least). Meanwhile, the argument against Eddie Murphy is that a lot of his stuff has aged badly. As for Tommy Boy, I wish I could’ve made room for a Farley pic, but when you look at the five I selected, I think it’s hard to boot any one of them in favor of Tommy Boy.

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