The Mixologist: Mood Swings

dark_colors_abstract-t2By Spencer. A lot of the mixes we post on The Mixologist aim for some kind of emotional and sonic coherence — a common atmosphere, if you will. This is not one of them. See, one of the powerful things about music is the way it can swing wildly from pole to pole, and in that moment of transition, slap you in the face with a whole new sound or a jarring new feeling. These songs go from hate to apology, from manic to depressive and back again, and some of the fun is being lulled into one mood, only to be hit with its opposite. True masters like St. Vincent and Elbow can even do this within the same track. So embrace the change and listen.

Click here to download: S&N Mix 6: Mood Swings.

  1. Owl John – Hate Music
  2. Lykke Li – Gunshot
  3. Laura Marling – Sorry
  4. Spoon – Inside Out
  5. St. Vincent – Huey Newton
  6. Seahaven – On The Floor
  7. Conor Oberst – Artifact #1
  8. The Proper Ornaments – Now I Understand
  9. Mirah – I Am The Garden
  10. Angus & Julia Stone – Other Things
  11. Sharon Van Etten – Taking Chances
  12. Elbow – Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
  13. Benjamin Booker – Slow Coming

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