The Mixologist: Fall Forward


By Spencer. With the daylight fading and the leaves turning, it seems like a perfect time to revive The Mixologist. From the usual suspects like Josh Ritter and Glen Hansard to new S&N favorites like Junius Meyvant and Phil Cook, this is a soundtrack for those countryside drives to see the fall foliage and those nights around the bonfire. Download, listen, and let it move you forward.

Click here to download: S&N Mix 18: Fall Forward.

  1. Rachel Sermanni – Run
  2. Junius Meyvant – Signals
  3. My Brothers And I – In The Stars
  4. Phil Cook – Anybody Else
  5. Moon Taxi – Ready To Go
  6. Rayland Baxter – Yellow Eyes
  7. Josh Ritter – The Stone
  8. Lou Barlow – Wave
  9. The Roadside Graves – Gospel Radio
  10. Blitzen Trapper – Love Grow Cold
  11. Joan Shelley – Over And Even
  12. Dawes– I Can’t Think About It Now
  13. Glen Hansard – My Little Ruin
  14. Noah Gundersen – Blossom
  15. Boy & Bear – Showdown
  16. Foals – London Thunder

5 thoughts on “The Mixologist: Fall Forward

  1. Nice. It just soundtracked our very seasonal dinner. You did a great job picking out the best of the large group of albums you recently picked up. You picked some real gems…you even convinced me to give Lou Barlow a try (despite a long and deep-seated resentment toward him).

    Have I mentioned how good I think the Joan Shelley album is? Just gorgeous. Good song choice.

  2. So I checked out the Lou Barlow. I’ll listen again, but I didn’t feel the whole thing. This means that you picked the best track…so props to you, Spencer! The Roadside Graves track is excellent too…

  3. Eh, Lou Barlow isn’t an everyday listen, but I like his off-kilter melodies. Definitely reminds me of early Elliott Smith (though not as good as all that, of course). That Roadside Graves album is solid — one of those ones that grows on you.

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