The Mixologist: This Is Your Life

S&N Mix 15By Morgan. Stop waiting until life looks like you imagined, I tell myself. Your life is happening and serving you now, my mother reminds me. Abandon all road maps but the one in your heart. You are no longer on the same route as your peers, so stop trying to want what others want. Listen to the voices that agree with your own sense of what to do next. Worry more, says your ego and the cultural cult of busy and high salaries equating to success. Worry less, says your youthful heart and advice defying intuition. Worry about what matters, says your passion, because each day you put it off is a bet that you will have time and energy for it later on. Continue reading

The Year In Music 2014: Morgan’s Picks

wishiwashereBy Morgan. This year I felt like a poor music explorer, partially because I poured so much time and energy into job searching and partially because I took time to travel off the grid. So I am honestly more excited to have read Antony and Spencer’s pieces because I have some albums to check out by artists I love yet whose new albums have eluded me. Obviously I need to start paying attention again. But honestly, there are years where I try to be adventurous with my music taste, and this year I suppose I played it safe. My list is comprised of mostly familiar, previously beloved artists, with a few new guys: Hozier and Fink. Continue reading