3 thoughts on “The High-Fiver: Perfect Albums From Otherwise Terrible Artists

  1. Okay, lots of things wrong with this list! First of all, there is not a perfect album on here. “Wake Me When September Ends” for example ruins American Idiot (oh and it’s so oppressively long and not very good). Now Dookie might be a perfect album by an otherwise not good artist.

    Throwing Copper is a good one but hardly perfect (“Waitress”: “Come on baby leave some change behind / She was a bitch, but I don’t care / She brought our food out on time / And wore a funky barrette in her hair”). And well John Mayer is always terrible.

    This feature really worked out well. I was infuriated by all of it and the lack of context gave me free reign to rage on this list! Well done.

    • Haha, I might as well call this feature “The Troll.” Okay, but to seriously engage with this, “Purple” is still highly listenable from start to finish. “Continuum” is hard to defend but it’s a guilty pleasure for me. “American Idiot” … well, back when it came out, I loved “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” I burnt out on it because of the damn radio play, but still….

      “Throwing Copper” may not actually be perfect, but I needed five. And “Bringing Down The Horse” is pretty damn solid. In writing this, the hardest part wasn’t finding bona fide PERFECT albums; it was finding ones from bad bands. So that badness factor ended up controlling more than the individual albums (if that makes sense).

  2. I would’ve been right there with you (except the Mayer part) if you’d only entitled it “Solid Albums from Otherwise Terrible Artists” 🙂

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