The Mixologist: Songs About Girls, Vol. 1

heart_blue_wood copyBy Spencer. For our inaugural mix on S&N, we start in the same place as all those mixtapes we used to make back in high school: with a bunch of songs about girls.

Those were the days when a snippet of a lyric so perfectly described the way you felt about someone that you were just sure it was speaking directly to you. And those are the songs that stay with you a lifetime – long after that person you thought you’d never stop loving is just a pleasant memory.

Each of these songs is about someone. And while I include them each with someone particular in mind, the beauty of it is that a couple of them might just spark a memory of your own particular someone? 

As S&N continues, I’ll be inviting all of our contributors to offer their own personal mixes of songs about girls (and, of course, their songs about guys too!). In the meantime, download Volume One right here:

S&N Mix 1: Songs About Girls, Vol. 1

  1. Phosphorescent – Song For Zula
  2. Bob Dylan – Girl From The North Country
  3. David Ramirez – Shoeboxes
  4. The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine
  5. Elvis Costello – Alison
  6. Noah Gundersen – San Antonio Fading
  7. Josh Ritter – New Lover
  8. Nada Surf – Comes A Time
  9. Angus & Julia Stone – Draw Your Swords
  10. The National – Think You Can Wait

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